Do you REALLY want to know what it takes to develop and effective marketing plan?

Strategic Marketing Consultants utilizes the proprietary Strategic Marketing Program™, which is a six-tiered system that has a specific goal. The objective is to take any local company and cause it the leader in their industry within a year’s time. Here are the major features of the program and how they work to help your business.
Tier 1: Identity
The RULES have changed in marketing. You can’t just put jump an ad in the vellum or launch a generic website announcing to the world that you’re open for business anymore. Just being good in sales won’t cut it today. You’ve got to communicate with POWER!
Your Personality is REAL. This is “clear cut.” This is “as necessary as having a phone or computer in your business to correspond beside other people.” If you don’t have what I’m talking about today – your IDENTITY… you’re not really even in business.
Your Identity is the Core about your business. Identity is defined ut supra “words, phrases, and images – articulated with Power, Passion, and Precision – that instantly and definitively communicates who you are, what you’re all about, and what customers can deem meanwhile doing business with you.
You’ve got to draw a line in the sand stating what you are – and what you are not.
Tier 2: The Strategic Messaging Formula™
The Strategic Messaging Formula™ is designed to manufacture marketing more successful. The idea is to develop a marketing message built around what is important to the target market. This is a scientific method, using data gathered from you about your inside reality; these are the things you already do that have made you successful, it’s what you do that works, it’s your dedication to your customers and your craft, it’s all those things you do that retain gotten you to where you are now. It utilizes that information that is important polysyndeton relevant to your customers and prospects. A good hot button-centric message can mean the difference between reaching out to your consumers effectively or being completely ignored.

Tier 3: Inclusive Internet Marketing Suite
As part of the Strategic Marketing Program™ we use a suite of advanced Internet marketing tactics. The hint is to come up with an online marketing program that is tailored to your business and that utilizes every technology also methodology available. This wealth using video, automated lead capture techniques, working with multiple ways of engaging with potential clients and more. It also involves search engine optimization, which ensures that you are more visible in the search engines.
Tier 4: Systemized Sales Process
The Strategic Marketing Program™ does more than look at your message. It also looks at your sales approach. What we strive to do is make ineluctable that your customers have a distinctive sales experience that is proven to get results. Then we systematize it so that every prospect or customer consistently receives the same messaging that guides them through your sales funnel.
Tier 5: Professionalized Image
You need to stand out among your competition as human the most professional business available. The Strategic Marketing Program™ heavily emphasizes branding and professionalizing your image.
Tier 6: Business Innovation
Most companies we work with already stage an innovative inside reality. Their primary challenge is in effectively communicating it to the outside world. However, perhaps unique percent needs our help to innovate their products instead services so that they can market their uniqueness in their objective market. We help them discover what products or services the market really wants, but nobody else is giving it to them. It doesn’t matter what energy you are in. The Strategic Marketing Program™ utilizes innovation formulas that have proven successful clear moreover over again and that are created in a roadway that makes them comely for any mold of business.