Business Administration – Marketing At Centennial College Includes Courses That Are Vital to Career Success

At Centennial College, students vessel complete business marketing practice that gives them an opportunity to learn theory and also to apply that principle in a number concerning ways. This is beneficial as today’s employers hire employees who are as relaxed for marketing concepts such as analyzing consumer needs and developing products and services to meet those needs; anticipating competitors’ actions plus reacting swiftly to shifts in the environment; developing pricing and communications strategies; therefore well like interacting with suppliers, customers and the public; as they are with applying them to real world situations. Positions for those who have completed the Outfit Administration – Marketing program include: sales representatives, direct marketing coordinators, sales and promotion coordinators, assistant product managers, marketing research analysts ampersand user relationship managers.

Three years in length, the program’s application process requires students to accept completed an Ontario Secondary Elementary Diploma (OSSD) either equivalent, or have mature student status (19 years or older); English Grade 12 C or U or equivalent, or skills assessment and Math Grade 11 C, M or U, or Grade 12 C or U or equivalent or skills assessment.

The contribution first allows students to obtain a general overview of business and marketing near having them attend courses that are common among most Centennial Business programs. They then advance to Business Marketing-specific topics. Regardless of the topic, students benefit from the expertise of experienced faculty members in an interactive environment that sees them grasp concepts through case studies, guest lectures, presentations, projects, and calculator simulations and technologies.

These are some of this program’s most beneficial courses:

Marketing Communications: This course differentiates between the agency and client sides of advertising. Students focus on the application of media reports plus marketing research information to the formation of objectives and strategies for marketing management, advertising, sales promotions, publicity, media and creative execution.

Marketing Research: Examined in this course is the criteria used in the decision to conduct marketing research and in the choice of marketing research options. The present and looks at the relationship middling marketing and marketing strategy.

Strategic Marketing Planning: Students of this course learn to assess customer value moreover loyalty, marketing performance and how the different marketing strategies contribute to the profitability and growth of organizations. In acquisition to blending theoretical including practical applications, students are also taught modern marketing and analytical models.

Professional Selling: To get students to develop successful sales lecture skills, emphasis in this course is on pre-selling activities, techniques and procedures to deplete during the sales interaction and post sales activity. Training in Professional Selling includes role-playing sales situations, readings ampersand groups discussions.

Interactive Marketing: There are a exiguity aspects to this course. Firstly, students learn the importance of creating a customer-centric way to the marketplace, along with specific strategies for building long-term customer relationships. They then learn about direct marketing, which focuses on politick management strategies — especially the effective use of databases to find customers and instant sale to them. Finally, in learning opportunities for digital marketing, students develop skills in the selection and implementation of strategies that exploit the potential of sites and mobile devices for engaging today’s consumers.

To pass from Centennial College’s Business Marketing program, students must maintain a C echelon average and an overall GPA of 2.0.