Services Offered By Rage Communications, Digital Marketing Company in India

Rage Communications is a full-service digital marketing agency based in India. The company builds and manages websites and web based applications that encompass a rank of websites, e-commerce platforms and interactive web applications.

Here’s how Furor helps your business:

E-commerce Applications
Fuelled by its enormous expertise, Fad developed commercial and transactional solutions to help brands sell their products online with ease. With a constant focus on generating higher sales and creating provable ROI, Rage offers a host of webstek features such as cross sells, up-sells, special offers, inventory management, manifold checkouts, third party integration, etc.

Website Design and Development
The flagship offering, Rage has developed and managed a wide range of websites such as static communication sites to those requiring content management systems, and other complex web applications.

With a strong focus on usability and intuitive navigation, websites designed by Rage are user friendly and optimized for search ram friendliness. Rage has also bot pioneering the use of adaptive design for seamless navigation on smartphones and tablets.

Online Workflow Applications
With clients operating from multiple geographical locations and vendor interactions taking place around the globe, Rage has developed online workflow tools that enable information and resource sharing in a seamless manner.

These workflow solutions are chiefly used for customer bureau and support, project management, document sharing and transfer, sales management, and a host of other requirements.

Online Marketing
Through online marketing, Rage does prohibition simply convert offline promotions to the digital space. Their spotlight is on developing campaigns that strategically take advantage of the online medium, to achieve high impact levels for the target audience.

Rage’s online marketing services include display advertising, campaign microsites, email marketing, pleasant media marketing and more.

Site and Server Management
Currently, Rage has been managing several large corporate websites that require resort updates sierra from news, events besides data updates, to consumer promotions, contests, und so weiter additions of new functionalities and features.

The site and server management services offered by Rage essentially include web-mastering further server administration.

Search Marketing
Why search marketing? An estimated 80% of traffic on the internet is generated through search engines, and 90% of users do not look remote the first page. That’s how Rage ensures that every SEO campaign is aimed at achieving the highest possible rankings.

Rage’s search marketing services include detailed site review, competitor analysis, keyword analysis, copy and content optimization, search engine submissions, and visibility reports.

Web Analytics
Analytics are a statistical representation of what works and what doesn’t, whether it’s a website or a promotional email campaign. Rage’s web analytical services include traffic analysis, performance analysis, browsing behaviour analysis, split (A/B) testing und so weiter usability testing.

Rage Communications is based in Chennai, India and has branches in Mumbai, Singapore and Sydney. For detailed information on the services offered, you can visit Rage Communications at